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Trader Joe’s Best Products: Gluten-Free Goodies

Trader Joe’s Best Products: Gluten-Free Goodies

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Who needs gluten when you can have these instead?

What's Good at Trader Joe's?

if you're a fan of crispy chocolate chip cookies, you won't be disappointed with the flavor or feel of these crunchable confections.

If you're on a gluten-free diet, the items on this list will make you feel like you're not missing out on much. We found some delicious foods at TJ's that are every bit as good as, and in some cases better than, their gluten-full counterparts. Also, check out the second part of this slideshow for our first batch of gluten-free Trader Joe's triumphs.

#5 Trader Joe's Gluten Free Rice Pasta and Cheddar
While Russ prefers the Corn Penne Pasta, Sandy gave this rice-based pasta a four — enough to slip this mac and cheese in at number five on our list.

Final rating: 6.5 out of 10

#4 Trader Joe's Gluten Free Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies
It seems like Trader Joe's has consistently gotten the taste of gluten-free products right, but textures often pose more of a challenge. However, if you're a fan of crispy chocolate chip cookies, à la Famous Amos, you won't be disappointed with the flavor or feel of these crunchable confections.

Final rating: 8 out of 10

#3 Trader Joe's Quinoa and Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips
Garlic, beans, and onion salt combine to create a perfect chorus of tortilla flavors. Add to that an amazing stoneground corn chip texture featuring grains of quinoa, and you might be tempted to give these crunchy morsels a nickname, like Russ did when he dubbed them "bean-wah" chips.

Final rating: 9 out of 10

#2 Trader Joe's Soft-Baked Snickerdoodles
Incredibly soft cookies, sweetened with fruit juice, and free not just from gluten, but also milk, eggs, soy, and peanuts... and they actually taste good! Whoever cooked these up is a miracle worker.

Final rating: 9.5 out of 10

#1 Trader Joe's Pumpkin Macarons
It seems like a crime that you'll probably have to wait until September or so to try a package of this seasonal scrumptiousness. It should be noted that Nathan and Sonia are both self-proclaimed pumpkin addicts, especially around autumn, but they've given out exactly one perfect score in almost two years — and this was it.

Final rating: 10 out of 10

What’s Good at Trader Joe’s? is devoted to finding the best and worst products at this popular supermarket. Find more Trader Joe’s reviews here.

What’s Gluten-Free at Trader Joe’s? Here’s 19 of Our Favorites

Trader Joe’s has succeeded in bringing consumers its own in-house brand of grocery store items that are often produced by big-name companies. This smart move allows them to keep prices down, selection up and more money in our pockets.

But what are some of the best gluten-free food finds you can get there?

We scoured the gluten-free wares at Trader Joe’s and rounded up 19 awesome ones that you should try. What products did we miss? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter what your favorites are!

Trader Joe’s has a disclaimer on their website: “Always read the label before purchasing and consuming a product to ensure that the current label has a gluten free claim, as ingredients and suppliers may change.”

Lauryn Shinno

I had no idea these were gluten-free until I checked the ingredients since they aren't advertised as GF. The brownie isn't so much of a crisp, but rather a thin, chewy brownie. I love coffee ice cream and chocolate flavors, so the combination of the two is an A in my book. The small portion size is perfect for a treat without being too filling.

Product Review: Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Joe-Joe’s

As soon as I saw gluten free Joe-Joe’s on the shelf at Trader Joe’s, I grabbed a couple boxes. But Trader Joe’s is a complicated place for gluten free, so I knew I had to investigate before giving them to my son.[pinit]

It was nearly a year ago that we talked about my 7 Ways To Know When a Product is Gluten Free. Packaged gluten free products can be tough to judge, and the truth is that I don’t really buy too many of them (as you might guess, I do plenty of gluten free recipe testing around here!). But I do shop at Trader Joe’s almost every week, and I’m super grateful for the products they white label, like certified gluten free old fashioned rolled oats to use in No Bake Gluten Free Granola.

But Joe-Joe’s are Trader Joe’s version of Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies. That means that they’re not a white-labeled product (when one company buys another’s branded product, but puts their own name on it as agreed upon between the two companies – like the Trader Joe’s All Purpose Gluten Free Flour which I reviewed here). Trader Joe’s makes these cookies itself. I don’t like Trader Joe’s “No Gluten Ingredients” designation, which basically means only that the product is free of super obvious sources of gluten. And even if it doesn’t state on the package that one of their proprietary products is made on shared equipment or in a shared facility, it very well may be. I have found that out the hard way myself. Really, they could do better and I wish they would.

But I also know that Trader Joe’s won’t sell any products if it can’t offer a great quality product at a great price. I wanted you know to know if you could trust this product, so I investigated.

Since you can’t call Trader Joe’s directly, there are a couple ways to go about a reconnaissance mission about one of their products. First, you can ask an in-store employee to call Trader Joe’s customer service directly. They will get through right away, and will get some form of an answer. But when I did that with these cookies, I was told that they were made on shared equipment and nothing else. I told my son that he most likely wouldn’t be able to eat the cookies, but that we would wait for the results of my second inquiry: You can send an email through their online contact form. It took them nearly a week to respond, but when they did, it was worth the wait:

My celiac son went to school with some Gluten Free Joe Joe’s in his lunch box today. Meanwhile, I thought he’d be so excited but he said that if it’s all the same to me, next time he’d rather have some of my gluten free cookies instead. Chalk it up to … you can’t really win. You can just keep trying! Oh, and they taste pretty close to Oreos, too, with a nice snappy chocolate wafer and a creamy center. And cheaper than K-Toos. Worth a try!

Autumn isn't the same without this delightful gluten-free baking mix. Bursting with pumpkin flavor, this baking mix makes the perfect loaf of bread (and even muffins!). Add cinnamon, nutmeg, and even walnuts to the batter for even more pumpkin-filled wonderfulness.

Not all ice cream sandwiches are made equal, and these brownie crisp coffee ice cream sammies are at the top of our gluten-free list. Fudgy, smooth, and all-around decadent, it's honestly surprising to find these sweet treats in stock.

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Yuck! What a horrible list. I literally think the only thing that would be on my list are the rolled oats.

TJs has the absolute best GF bagels, both the plain and everything. The whole grain bread and cinnamon raisin bread are the best two gluten free breads you can find anywhere. The egg fettuccine noodles are fantastic. Most of the Indian frozen meals are GF and great. Perfect bars blow the rxbars and Larabars away so completely. The GF corn bread is my favorite corn bread. The GF chocolate chip cookies are amazing. The ABC bars and the PB&J bars are perfect lunch snacks. GF frozen Mac and cheese. The GF flour is the same as Williams Sonoma expect 1/10 the price. And the single best GF item is definitely the waffles and pancakes. Both are out of this world.

Then the many, many things that are always GF like yogurts and juices and meats, etc.

My least favorite GF products in the whole store are the brown rice pasta and those beet chips.

We all have our own likes! I’m sure if our list went longer than 10 we’d definitely add some of the ones on your list too. :) – Nicole

This list is wack because the bagels aren’t on it. They’re amazing.

Which are your favorite bagels? Feel free to share!

I too have a problem with rxbars or any foods that have natural flavorings or have the word “spices”. In our research due to our daughter having health issues, these are the new approved words by the FDA and USDA for MSG. They approved this because corporate food companies were having a hard time selling products with MSG in them. RXbars are not real food. We avoid them. My daughter has strict food diet and MSG is a big bad ingredient for her.
Do some research and it’s out there.

You are a very smart and good Mom to research and learn the language in big food ingredient lists so you can be aware of hidden MSGS. I too have had to learn to decipher ingredient lists due to getting debilitating migraines if I consume MSGS. Makes me so frustrated when food companies put junk in food and market it as nutritious.

Coconut milk mochi in the freezer section is now gluten free too!! (And a delicious summer dessert, I’m not sure how whole foods it is, but it’s free of most allergens including soy and dairy!)

Trail mixes. Red lentil pasta. Popcorn!

I do love their red lentil popcorn, for sure!

I see RX bars mentioned a lot lately on this blog, which surprises me since Lisa has done a lot of blogging on how to read and decipher food ingredient lists. RX bars are not the nourishing snack they are advertised to be. They have natural flavors and every educated real food person should know to avoid any packaged food containing natural flavors. For those who want to clean up their diet and don’t understand why natural flavors are bad and really no different than artificial flavors, check out the book “The Dorito Effect” by Mark Schatzker. Also those familiar with Vani Hari aka Food Babe she has a great article on her website about natural flavors any why to avoid them. Disappointed to see RX bars favored so much on this site.

Totally agree. They are also under investigation for misleading ingredients and package labeling.

Mrs. Leake actually addressed this issue on a previous post regarding RX Bars. Here is her quote on the natural flavors in them: “They do contain natural flavors, which only come from essential oils that are extracted directly from the whole food ingredients themselves. For instance, the natural blueberry flavor in their blueberry bars comes directly from the essential oils of a blueberry.” So it seems, in this case, the natural flavors meet the real food rules?

Yes, I saw the post where Mrs. Leake addressed what RX bar company says is in their natural flavors. Natural flavors are flavors only, no nutritional value at all. Companies use these flavors so they can get away with adding less of the real food, in this case blueberries to make it cheaper to process the product. FYI natural flavors may come from a real natural source but after that the process of adding other chemicals to make the final product flavoring is the same, which is questionable on safety as far as I’m concerned. RX bars claims a nutritious snack that is truly not because the reason for adding natural flavors is so food companies can pull out most of the nutritional food part so it is cheaper to make. I strongly suggest researching natural flavors, how they are made, any why they are used in the first place. You may decide too that they are not worth consuming. Also natural flavors even organic can have hidden msgs, anyone who is suffering from migraines check your so called process real food ingredient labels guarantee they have natural flavors.

Epic has a great “performance” bar that is similar to RX Bar but it doesn’t have any natural flavoring. They’re great!

Is there anything Everything But The Bagel Seasoning can't do?

About Kelli Shallal MPH RD

Kelli Shallal MPH RD is a Phoenix, Arizona based Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University. She is a blogger behind the popular blog and nutrition practice Hungry Hobby. She is also the owner and creator of What to Eat? Meal Plans.

Best Gluten-Free Products at Trader Joe’s

Scroll down to see my list of the best gluten-free products at Trader Joe’s, all which I have tested with my Nima Sensor.

You can see a picture of each product, along with a smiley face on my Nima Sensor. A smiley face means the product contains no gluten – whew!

Please note that I am only testing specific products and these results are not guaranteed. This means if you buy these same products at your local Trader Joe’s, I cannot guarantee your Nima Sensor will deliver the same result.

Product lot numbers and manufacturers may differ from city to city and day to day. Personally, I feel confident eating any of these products going forward now that I’ve tested them.

I just had to make that disclaimer to make sure you knew that these results are my own personal results.

20. Chilaquiles Rojo

Indulge in breakfast for dinner with this crunchy and savory Chilaquiles from TJs. A traditional Mexican breakfast dish made up of fried corn tortillas, tangy tomato, and chili sauce topped with melted cheese, the possibilities are endless with this crunchy meal. Add chicken or beans, a fried egg, sour cream, and verde sauce for an Instagram-worthy and filling meal in (checks watch) five minutes! A 16-ounce bag will only set you back $4.99! A breakfast and a deal.

Trader Joe&aposs Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups aren&apost just a hit with our office—they are a favorite treat for TJ&aposs fans everywhere. These tasty little peanut butter cups are perfectly portioned for an afternoon pick-me-up or an after-dinner treat. Trader Joe&aposs advises melting these babies over ice cream or a batch of warm brownies. We think we need to try both! Check out our Chocolate-Peanut Butter Energy Bars to bring everything you love about this flavor combo to a morning or post-workout snack.

If you haven&apost tried Trader Joe&aposs Plantain Chips, you need to try them ASAP. They are delicious with salsa, guacamole or pretty much anything else you&aposd want to dip them in. Plus, they work well with sweeter flavors, like the grocers&apos Chocolate Hummus. Serve them with our Southwestern Layered Bean Dip and you&aposll be the hit of any party.


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