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Evite Launches Evite Gatherings

Evite Launches Evite Gatherings

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The digital invitations site is expanding their party prowess

Expand your party know-how with the help of Evite Gatherings!

On Oct. 17, Evite, the leader in digital invitations, announced the launch of Evite Gatherings, an editorial section dedicated to giving users tips and inspiration beyond an invitation. The site proudly boasts that they are home to 50 "spooktacular" Halloween suggestions to inspire users for one of Evite’s most popular holidays.

Evite’s editorial authority comes from editorial director Marilyn Oliveira and party stylist Jessica Bailey. The site is looking to create a totally social experience, so visitors to the site can submit images and overviews from their own parties to be featured on the webpage through the "Real Parties" section. Evite Gatherings will also seek out the advice of experts to curate content that will give readers the tools to be the best hosts possible.

"We’ve really listened to what our users want and recently introduced online/offline offerings with printed invitations through Evite Ink," said Hans Woolley, president of Evite, in a press release. "With the creation of Evite Gatherings, we are now the one-stop party destination, helping people with all aspects of their events — from inspiration through the invitation, and after."

For a preview of some the great party ideas, check out their "Party Like a MonSTAR" guide, available in PDF format

Evite Launches Evite Gatherings - Recipes

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Business Event Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Our Company has come a long way since its establishment and to commemorate our little achievement, we are planning a event on (date) at (location). Please come and celebrate with us.
  • It gives us great joy to invite such an accomplished personality like you to our little business event held at (location). We will be expecting your presence on (date).
  • On behalf of the (company name), I would like to invite you and your sales associates to the annual sales conference held at (location). Please be there on (date).
  • As the company’s been expanded we haven’t forgot the people behind it. So, your presence is requested on (date) to mark the anniversary of our company.
  • I hope you do grace the event with your presence held on (date & location) in honor of all the inspiring personalities that have made the company a huge success.

_Our Company is planning to join hands with (company name) in the upcoming event held on (date & location). You presence at the event would be greatly appreciated.

_Mr. (Name) has organized a golfing event on (date) for all the board members at (location). You are being cordially invited for a sporting afternoon.

_We at the (company name) would like to have you as our guest for the Dinner Reception on (date). Many successful business delegates will also be there at (location).

_ (Company name) is extremely pleased to invite you to attend the annual luncheon held at the (location) on (date). We look forward to see you at the event.

_In appreciation of all your hard-work, the company invites you to attend the exciting new sporting event organized by our very own (company name). The vent is on (date & location).

_ (Company name) would like to invite you to attend the annual Research Conference held at (location & date). Your presence at the event would mean a lot to us.

_It would be an honor to have you as our guest speaker at the Mangers’ Retreat event organized by (company name). Please grace the event with your presence on (date & location).

_(Company Name) would like to request the honor of your presence at the Annual Tradeshow event held at (location). Please come and join executives of (company name) on (date).

_You and the missus are cordially invited to attend a dinner reception at the (name) Fundraisers to benefit the crisis of climate change. The event is held at (location) on (date).

_Your presence is requested at the annual seminar organized by (Company name) Industries on (date). We are looking forward to see you at the event held at (location).

_ (Company name)’s annual celebration is being held at (location). We request the honor of you and your spouse’s presence for a delightful evening.

_We ask you to join us at the event of company’s new brand launch. We will be glad to have you and your guest’s presence at the event.

_(Company name) cordially invites you and the missus to attend the upcoming celebration of our company’s new product launch. The event is being held on (date & location).

_The Manchester Women’s Club would like to request the pleasure of your company at the 16 th Annual Candle Light Ball. The event is being held on (date & location).

_Too much work can make us a bit dimwitted at times. So, please come and join us in the celebration of our company’s success party held at (date & location).

_We were grateful to have you as our company’s manager and we would be extremely lucky to have us as our guest annual luncheon meet. So please come for a little get together on (date & location)/

_It gives me relief and honor to invite you to the pitch the sale to our prominent clients in the upcoming golfing/corporate event. Please be there sharply at (date, time & location).

_You have chosen to lead the team building event held at our office premises. You and your associates are cordially invited for the session on (date).

_Like earlier, our company will need your full support on the upcoming event of CHW start up meet. Do bless us with your presence on (date). The event is at (location).

_You and the missus are being cordially invited to join us for our company’s 26 th World Vision charity event on (date) at the wonderful (location).

_Mr. (Name) Head of (Company name) would like to invite you and a guest for the upcoming business convention held at (location) on (date). Please honor the event with your presence.

_We are glad to invite you and the missus for the child welfare fundraising event held at the Oberoi Trident on (date). Your presence and support would mean a lot to us.

_With joyous hearts, we at the (company name) would like to invite you to the event of our collaboration with (company name). Please be there on (date & location).

_ (Company name) doesn’t organize a normal and boring corporate event, so get ready for a fun evening with the business delegates on (date and location).

_Hard-work is the key to success, and to remind and reward our professional family, (company name) has organized an award night on (date & location). Your presence is expected at the event.

_You and your professional team are cordially invited to attend the 2019 Technological Summit held on (date & location). Please be there at the event to represent our company.

_Mr. (Name) CEO of (Company name) would like to have you and your team of delegates to attend the (business event name & location) on (date).

_Mr. Head of (news channel) would like to invite you and your spouse to attend the Art and Business Awards held at (location) on (date). Please grace the event with your presence.

_As our company celebrates the launch of our new app on (date), we would humbly like to request the honor of your presence at the event held at (location).

_The Big Day is almost upon us. So we would like to cordially invite you and your family to attend the luncheon reception in honor of our company’s 15 th anniversary.

_It fills my heart with joy to invite you to our company’s celebration of newly established clothing brand. It would be our absolute pleasure to have as our guest on (date &location).

_After a stressful week of work, it is time we relax for a day or two. So please attend the golfing event hosted by our business delegates on (date) at (location).

_With pride and joy, I would like to invite you to our annual social gathering event on (date) at the newly open (place). Please join us for an evening with the esteemed business personalities.

What to write in a business event party invitation?

  • Mention the details of the event
  • Mention how it is important to attend the event
  • Write about the series of events to take place
  • Mention the venue, time, and the dress code

How to respond to a business event party invitation?

  • Thank the host for inviting you
  • Make sure to be present on time
  • Congratulate them on hosting the party
  • Mention that you are glad to be a part of the company

Here is the big list of All Invitation Wording ideas that covers over 501+ of All Parties, Events, and related to Businesses. also, We Crafted Catchy Ready-made Invitation Card Canva Templates for you.

It's time to RSVP "yes" again.

Party ideas and inspiration

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Sleepover, unicorns, superhero, and more.

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Party Themes & Ideas

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Evite is the world's leading digital platform for bringing people together face-to-face. We make coming together effortless and more memorable for personal and professional events.

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Choose from thousands of easy-to-use digital invitations and cards. Our free invitations are hand-illustrated, animated, and customizable for occasions big and small.

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Wedding (59 Cards)

Send A Wedding Invitation.

Our Wedding Invitation!

Jus' Be There.

  • Invitation.
  • Formal Invite.
  • You're Invited.
  • Join Us On Our.
  • Join Us On Our.
  • You Are Invited!
  • Wedding!
  • Bridal Shower.
  • Our Special Day!
  • Pretty Rehearsal.
  • Pink Cake.
  • Bridal Shower.
  • Will You Be My.
  • Bridal Shower.
  • Wedding Invitation!
  • She Accepted The.
  • Beautiful Journey.
  • Join Us To.

Planning your special day has never been easier. Find the perfect wedding invitation card for all your wedding events from save the date invites to the engagement, rehearsal. Browse all 59 cards »

How To Say 'No' To An Invitation Without Feeling Like A Jerk

When your social calendar fills up with dinners, drinks, parties and other gatherings, it can feel like there’s a weight pressing down on your chest. How can you possibly do everything everyone is asking of you and still find time for yourself?

Just remember: You are not obligated to accept every invitation you receive.

This is especially tough during busy times of year, like the holiday season, when there’s a never-ending list of get-togethers with colleagues, family and friends in the span of just a few weeks.

We reached out to experts who assured us that it’s more than OK to turn down an invitation and gave us some pointers on how to do so in a tactful way.

First, why people have trouble declining invitations, even when they don’t want to go.

It has a lot to do with how many of us were raised, according to social psychologist Susan Newman, who said we often equate being polite with saying “yes” to everything. As a result, we think saying “no” is somehow rude or insulting to the asker.

“For people who are ever-conscious of social protocol and the ‘right’ way to be a friend or relative, it seems there’s no way to decline an invitation without ruffling a few feathers,” Newman, author of The Book of No: 365 Ways to Say it and Mean it ― and Stop People-Pleasing Forever, told HuffPost.

“‘No’ is, for many, a negative word by definition, so there’s an assumption that each refusal will automatically have a negative backlash ― the asker will be offended or feelings will be hurt,” she added. “Or turning down an invitation will peg you as uncaring or selfish within your family or social circle.”

But constantly saying “yes” to things you really don’t want to do can be damaging.

Saying “yes” to everyone else and ignoring your own needs is a recipe for feeling overwhelmed and unhappy.

“As the invitations pile up, you can face feelings of powerlessness, resentment toward the people asking or anger with yourself because you were unable to say ‘no,’” Newman said. “Your own needs get pushed to the back burner. The stress of overload can manifest itself in insomnia, headaches, exhaustion and even make you more susceptible to colds or worse.”

Constantly saying “yes” affects you more profoundly than refusing an invitation impacts the host, who probably won’t be fixated on your absence.

“As hosts, they’re occupied with so many things,” Newman said. “As long as your response projects kindness and warmth, chances are they won’t take it too personally.”

So how can you give a firm but polite “no”?

Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman said people tend to over-explain when they decline an invitation. Instead, keep your response simple and straightforward.

“When you feel uncomfortable, it shows,” Gottsman, the author of Modern Etiquette for a Better Life and founder of The Protocol School of Texas, told HuffPost. “Be ready in advance so you have a plan when an invitation comes through. Simply say, ‘Thank you so much. I need to check my calendar and get back to you.’ Or, you can say, ‘It sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful party but unfortunately I have already committed to other plans.’ Beyond that, it is not necessary to make an excuse.”

It doesn’t matter if your “other plans” are another party or staying home to wrap presents and watch movies in your pajamas.

“A plan is a plan regardless of the formality,” Gottsman said.

Newman gave some alternate responses you can use:

“Thank you for thinking of me. I would love to be there, but can’t.”

“Wish I could, but it is not possible for me to attend.”

“I’m already busy that day/evening/weekend.”

“Oh, too bad for me. I’m going to miss all the fun!”

It’s not a good idea to make up a reason why you can’t attend.

“If you lie, you run the risk of feeling guilty, which is precisely what you are trying to avoid when you refuse an invitation,” Newman said. “Embracing ‘no’ is about putting your needs first and breaking the habit of sacrificing yourself at the sake of others.”

And finally, don’t forget that how you spend your time is your choice and nobody else’s.

“Know that there is more pressure around the holiday season to gather and celebrate, but how you choose to divvy your time is entirely up to you,” Newman said. “Remind yourself you can see friends or family and gather at other times of the year.”

What does RSVP mean?

The term RSVP stands for the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît” (please respond) and it’s considered impolite to leave your hosts hanging. An RSVP is a polite request for you to inform the host whether or not you’ll be attending their event so they can plan accordingly.

It’s important for the host to have attendance numbers so they can account for the amount of food needed and the seating arrangements. This will assure that everyone is comfortable and has a good time at the party.

Corporate Holiday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

  • As the Christmas holidays are almost upon us, (company name) is planning an event at the end of this month. Your presence is requested at the party.
  • (Company name) cordially invites you and a guest to the upcoming holiday party held at the wonderful (location). Please come and celebrate with us on (date).
  • We at the (company name) would like to invite all our staffs and colleagues at the company’s annual holiday party on (date). The event is being held at (location).
  • We would be absolutely joyous to have you at our office holiday party on (date). Please come for the event held at (location) along with a guest.

_On the day before Halloween, we are having a little office Halloween party. So you and your associate’s presence at the event would certainly mean a lot to us.

_Just as I write this invitation to request you to come at our office holiday party, Santa is probably on its way. Hope to see you along with the Santa on (date).

_It is extremely unethical to have fun at a corporate holiday party with the presence of our boss. So take some time off and enjoy the party with us on (date).

_You and the missus are cordially invited to attend the annual corporate holiday party on (date). You presence would be expected at the banquet hall in (location).

_The holidays are around the corner and we have yet to celebrate the company’s success with the ones who have made it possible. So please be there on (date & location).

_ The (Company name)’s annual holiday party is being held on (date). We would like to have you and your spouse’s presence at the party happening at (location).

_The celebration of upcoming holidays wouldn’t be complete with the main man. Hence we request the honor of your presence at our office holiday party on (date).

_As we reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas, the company would like to invite you its holiday party on (date). Please join us at the (location) for a merry evening.

_We have all shared most of our time at our office, and I would again like to ask you and the missus to share an evening at our office holiday party.

_We at the (company name), would like to invite you plus a guest to join us in the annual thanksgiving celebration on (date). The event is being held at the (location).

_To be honest, it wouldn’t be entirely a Christmas holiday party without you in it and that is the opinion of all the employees. So please come on (date).

_Having you at our annual office holiday party will be an absolute pleasure for the company. I hope you can be with us on (date) at the (location).

_As the holidays are approaching, the company would like to invite you to attend our holiday party on (date). You are welcome to bring a guest or spouse of yours.

_ (Company name) cordially invite you and a guest to attend the annual holiday party on (date) held at (location). Cocktails and dancing are in the menu.

_With joy in our hearts, (company name) cordially invites you to spend the evening of (date) with us for the annual holiday celebration held at (location).

_We are thrilled to invite you to our annual holiday party happening on (date) at (location). Make sure to bring a guest as there will be cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

_Well, after spending most of our time at the office we can be called as friends. So come along friend, to the company’s annual holiday party on (date) held at the (location).

_It’s time for some holiday cheer as the celebration of Christmas comes once a year. Please join us along with your guest for the office Christmas celebration on (date).

_Happy Holidays along with an invitation to you and your wife to attend the annual Christmas celebration organized by (company name) on (date & location).

_In honor of the upcoming holiday season, (name) industries would like to request the pleasure of your company on (date) for an evening of cocktails, dancing and hors d’oeuvres at the (location).

_ (company name) humbly requests you to spend the evening of (date) with us on our most grandest Christmas event at (location). We are hopeful to see you at the party.

_As a head of the marketing department, it is tough not to use the word jingle while inviting you to attend our annual holiday celebration on (date).

_ (Name) & (name) corporation would like to invite their dearest staffs and colleagues to its annually organized holiday party on (date). We’d be expecting you at the (location).

_Christmas holidays can even make the board of directors think about spreading joy. So, do come along with your spouse or a guest at the holiday party held on (date & location).

_As the holiday of Thanksgiving is almost here our company has organized an office holiday party for all the employees. So do join us for a feast-filled evening on (date).

_Dear friends and colleagues of our company, we would like to invite you to join us for a time of merriment at the corporate holiday party held on (date & location).

_There will be cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music and dancing. So you should absolute shouldn’t miss our company’s annual holiday celebration held at (date & location).

_You may have plans with your respective families but over the years your colleagues have become your work families. So spare a few seconds for us at the office holiday party.

_Let’s celebrate the season together. Our company is planning a holiday party and you and the missus has to be there on (date & location).

_Christmas is a time for cheer and a time to be with friends and since you are part of the (Company name) family you’ll have to be there at the corporate holiday party.

_The holidays can make you forget all the worries of your life. And I hope to see you enjoying whole-heartedly at the annual corporate holiday party on (date & location)

_There is something about the warmth of this season. So to welcome it properly, (company name) is organizing a corporate holiday party for which you are cordially invited to.

_Most of the corporate holiday parties aren’t fun it seems but we at the (company name) tend to believe differently. So come and be the judge of it on (date) at (location).

_We hold you and all our employees very dear, so come and let’s cheer on this year’s annually organized corporate holiday party held on (date & location).

What to write on a corporate holiday party invitation?

  • Mention the venue and time
  • Mention the dress code
  • Tell them what to expect
  • Make every employee feel equally important

How to respond to a corporate holiday party invitation?

  • Thank your host for inviting
  • Tell them if you can make it to the party
  • Stick to the dress code
  • Do not leave your host hanging on the invitation

Here is the big list of All Invitation Wording ideas that covers over 501+ of All Parties, Events, and related to Businesses. also, We Crafted Catchy Ready-made Invitation Card Canva Templates for you.

Players who earned entry into the Showcase Qualifier will be squaring off for an invitation to the Champions Showcase. The entry fee for Showcase Qualifiers is a format token that matches the format of the Showcase. As with QPs, after the season's Showcase Qualifiers are finished, all unused Format Tokens will be removed from players' accounts. Each Showcase Qualifier is a scheduled Swiss-style event with a Top 8 playoff. The winner of each Showcase Qualifier earns a spot in the final Showcase event and a chance to earn their share of $70,000 and an upcoming Premier Event invitation.

Showcase Qualifiers are scheduled as follows:

Sunday, May 1, 2021 8:00 a.m. Modern Showcase Qualifier Modern Season 1 Showcase (MTGO) & STX Championship (MTG Arena)
Sunday, May 2, 2021 8:00 a.m. Legacy Showcase Qualifier Legacy Season 1 Showcase (MTGO) & STX Championship (MTG Arena)

Learn more about Showcase Qualifier events here.

Sending a Dinner Invitation Email

If you do choose to go paperless, you’ll want to make sure that you still get all the important information across to your guests. To ensure this happens, do your best to stick the following guidelines:

  • Include the date, time, and address of the party. These are the key pieces of information to include on the invitation itself.
  • Specify the dress code for the event. Will it be casual, business casual, semi-formal, formal, or black tie? Did you want everyone to come in costume, or only wear a certain color? Having these details on the invitation will ensure no one misses the memo.
  • Tell the recipient’s what the occasion is for. Starting the letter by informing everyone of your intentions to throw a birthday party or philanthropic dinner will set the tone for the remainder of the message.
  • Do you expect donations or don’t want anyone to bring gifts? Include this as well.
  • Give them a contact and deadline to send in RSVP’s. This will help you in the planning of your party.
  • Keep it simple enough so the key details aren’t buried within the body of the email. Bold or highlight important information if necessary.