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Broth sheet cake

Broth sheet cake

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For the sheets, mix all the ingredients and knead until you get a compact crust.

Divide the dough into 4 and spread each piece.

Put it in a tray lined with baking paper, prick it with a fork and bake each sheet for about 8 minutes.

After baking, all the sheets are left to cool.

Put the milk on the fire and let it heat up. Put the semolina and sugar and let it simmer until the semolina swells.

Take the bowl off the heat, add the butter and orange peel and start assembling the cake.

In a tray (I put in a large saucepan) put the first sheet, add half of the semolina cream, put the next sheet, cherry jam, another sheet, semolina cream and on top of the last sheet.

Let the cake cool overnight,

The sheets will soften and it will be delicious!

Great appetite!

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