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This Elite New York Bagel Is Topped With Foie Gras and Ramps

This Elite New York Bagel Is Topped With Foie Gras and Ramps

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You can get a taste of foie gras and ramps together atop a New York bagel at Wallflower for just $13 each

Deli classic meets classy delicacy in this curious food mashup.

Move over, unicorn bagels: New York has a bizarre new doughy creation and it’s a bit more pretentious than rainbow food dye.

Wallflower, a restaurant in New York’s West Village, has created the ultimate bespoke bagel of your caviar dreams: a $13 bagel topped with foie gras, ramps (spring’s favorite vegetable), and “heavy cream whipped to the consistency of cream cheese.”

The fancy bagel doesn’t debut until April 9, but already Wallflower’s people are calling it a combination that “just makes sense,” and that, “Unlike the sushi burger, it’s a combo that actually works.”

The gourmet fare may come across as eyebrow-raising, but the restaurant has gotten approval from Yelpers, while The Daily Meal called Wallflower’s brunch “a stand-out meal.”

Of course, Wallflower is hardly the first restaurant or deli to top a bagel with foie gras: The Paris-based Bagelstein chain has been making a foie gras bagel that has been popular with fans for a while.

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