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POSH Restaurant Hosts Exclusive Dinner in Honor of Auguste Escoffier

POSH Restaurant Hosts Exclusive Dinner in Honor of Auguste Escoffier

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Foodies and chefs with a penchant for French cuisine have no doubt heard of Auguste Escoffier, a legend in the culinary world. Considered the father of modern French cuisine, he’s been nicknamed “The Chef of Kings and the King of Chefs,” a title that most deem accurate due to his contributions to gastronomy. Today his cookbook Le Guide Culinaire, first published in 1903, is still used today as one of the foremost authorities on French basics. To celebrate the chef and innovator, the Seven Chef collaborative dinner series will be holding a themed dinner in his honor, serving dishes based on recipes in his book, but with a modern twist.

On November 9 at POSH in Scottsdale, top chefs in the area will be recreating his recipes in a seven-course French dinner. Chef Joshua Hebert will be serving a Oeufs en Gelée for the first course, Chef Scott Holmes will cooking Pâté en Croûte, Chef Kelly Fletcher will serve Mussels Poulette for the third course, the fourth course will be Pork Rillettes prepared b Chef Bernie Kantak, Chef Gregory Casale will serve Chicken Marengo, Chef Gregory Wiener will serve a Côte de Bœuf avec Pommes Soufflé for the sixth course and Chef Gio Osso will finish the dinner with his Poire belle Hélène.

Reservations for the Time Out dinner are available from 4-8 p.m. and can be made by calling POSH at 480-663-7674. The dinner costs $55 per person and beverage specials will be available. Seating is limited to 80 people.

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