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Bread with milk

Bread with milk

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Posted by ianculubita in Piine
16 Aug 2013 | 1741 views

For today but also for the weekend I recommend "our everyday bread" "I remembered that somewhere in a box a bread machine is sitting quietly, so I put it to work while the oven was busy of eggplant

Posted by RODIMUR

Put the white flour in the kneading bowl and make a hole in the middle in which it is placed: freshly crushed yeast, sugar and egg. The salt is ...

Posted by Ksenya

Wash the zucchini and put them on the large grater, add salt and mix, leave for 5-6 minutes. We remove the juice they left with the help of a sieve or using our hands and squeezing well ....

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on 16.08.2013, 14:47
How big and beautiful she is! What would I eat a corner, so warm ....

on 16.08.2013, 15:37
Very good !!! I like bread of any kind made at home .... and don't keep the car in the box but put it to work!

on 16.08.2013, 15:56
I want a corner of hot bread too

on 17.08.2013, 09:44

on 19.08.2013, 11:42
I also come for bread

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    God only knows!

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    Very interesting idea

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